Blue Libra

Space and Scifi Gaming

Blue Libra is a game that has been recently released by Orator Games on all platforms (ie: Windows, Mac, Linux and Ipod/Ipad) and you can pick it up on the cheap for under $5.
So what is the game about?

In Blue Libra you are command of the last Libra carrier and you are out to avenge your lost comrades. You will go through the campaign slowly conquering sectors and difficulty increasing as you progress. As you take over planets and or stations you can allot construction priority of your various ship types (ie: fighters, bombers, frigates, etc..). At the successful completion of each level you will be able to purchase special abilities to help your fleet or give you an edge in the fight.

One thing I like about Blue Libra is the control scheme it is easy to use and it seems like it would be universal on all platforms including the mobile ones. You basically draw lines to your targets on cut the fleets in half to split them or make them meet to combine them. The controls are very simple to learn and are very fluid.Blue Libra is a classic RTS game in which you have to be quick and use strategy to take control of planets and use obstacles to your advantage. There is command points in the game so you cannot build up these huge zergs to crush your opponents.

Checkout the game in action below:

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