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ARGH's Unabridged Extended Sol

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Hi, about a few weeks ago I dropped my first version of the Sol Extended system file onto the Development Forum, since then I have finished the 1.2 version with of course more asteroids, fixes, and value additions.

The new additions include:





-Tycho Brahe















(Lot's of Main Belt Asteroids)

-3200 Pheathon

-1999 JM8

-1866 Sisyphus

-2212 Hephaistos

(The major inner system asteroids, most others apart from these are SubK asteroids)


-Nessus (might recognize this name from Destiny 2).

(Outer system asteroids)






-1995 SN55






-FarFarOut or FarOut

-2013 FY27


-2002 MS4



(Dwarf Planets)

Also includes plenty of new starports throughout the Sol system, since it is the home system of humanity and it has been a thousand years since the space age, that it would widely populated with colonies stretching out to the cold dwarfs on the edge of the system. Expect ALOT of traffic, may effect performance but seems to have improved since adbridging Earth to some extra ports instead of a lot (I have a lua doc with the lat long of every city on Earth).

-Includes ice cover and metalicity additions/improvements

-Rhea has been fixed, it looked cool but was very hard to land on the base there, may have been smaller in game.

Some bugs may include a ring around earth, a pinkish Luna and different colors for the Gas Giants. Ceres may or may not have a clipping bug.

Where to install?

Either your data directory for Pioneer or mod folder. Removing and or backing up your vanilla Sol file is advised.


What to expect in 1.3:

-There are still plenty of asteroids in the main belt between 10-100 KM in radius to be added in, will be happening incrementally. will also add the Scott Manley asteroid.

-Metallicity values may be adjusted.

-Axial tilt values will be fixed, I converted them into radians without realizing the function converted degrees into radians.

-Some more of the asteroid satellites for Saturn and Jupiter

-Rings for some of the oval asteroids such as Haumea and Makemake

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A new day, a new update. New additions to 1.3 include:

Enceladus & Mimas for Saturn, since I could not find any information on Aega (orbiting Jupiter) it has been replaced with Pasiphae.

There are also some more asteroids for Saturn in the file, Epimetheus, Pandora and Prometheus, though I have reached the maximum amount of entries that the engine can handle. They will be commented out until Pioneer's data handling capabilities are improved, there will only be minor fixes made to Sol Extended until the engine is upgraded.

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Enceladus and Mimas had precision overload errors that slipped past the first phase testing. They have been fixed:

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Note, please ensure you have jumped out of Sol before updating if you have any dedicated play through saves.