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Rescue missions in Pioneer Scout Plus?

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Greetings to all! I'm a 70 year old retiree! who's enjoying playing Pioneer Scout Plus but I'm taking on certain rescue missions where someone needs fuel. My problem is I keep crashing into the planet. I've only found 'one' tutorial example of this type of mission and it was done while the ship in trouble is already in space. The current copy of Pioneer scout plus has some ships 'on ground' so to speak. Has any of you out there come across this and has been able to solve the problem????? 😎  

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How do you try to land? In Pioneers case most ships have weaker thrusters on their belly, and even weaker retro thrusters, (not sure about scout+ stats). They might be unable to slow you down in time.

I usually slow my orbital speed to dip into the atmosphere, but not falling vertical. Then I wait out a bit and adjust trajectory, so my vector is above the target. Watch your sink rate (bottom right on the HUD). When I start to get close, I start to sink more if needed, and limit my speed with Set Speed mode to about 500-1000m/s and slowly approach the target, keeping my vector slightly above the target. Then I use my lateral thrusters to put my ship down: I set up a low thrust percetangle with F8 that allows my ship only a slight downward fall while the belly thrusters are firing while I hold shit (to make use of the limit.). If I start to fall too fast, I release shift, so thrusters go to full power until I'm slow enough again. Also don't forget to lower the gear.


Alternatively you can fly high over your target, then nose up, and set a negative speed onSet Speed mode for a controlled suicide burn style descent.