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Some questions

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I have some questions about features from the game which might actually be in, but which I can't find.


1. Is it possible to view cities in system view? I like to approach planets into medium or high orbit and then deorbit myself, but it get's quite difficult to deorbit when I can't see where the city I'm trying to approach really is, so I often end in the atmosphere in the wrong side of the planet. Is there a shortcut for showing them, or is this not implemented?


2. Would be nice if I could control thrust while in system view. It would make orbit adjustments easier. At the moment it's going to ship view, applying thrust, checking system view to see if I overshot, going back to ship view and correct.


3. Do ships have any lights to assist in night landings?


4. Can advanced joystick configuration be implemened? Would love to be able to control thrust with the joystick and also set dead zones. At the moment I'm not able to use the joystick.



I think that's it... I'm enjoying every release more and more! Great game!

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1. Unfortunately no. I usually set my inclination so my orbit goes over the city roughly, and adjust my course when the city is right on the other side or on the horizon roughly. I can eyeball my course on the map this way.

2. Not really a feature, but if you hold down your thruster keys, and press F2 to enter to map view while holding the thruster, it won't stop thrusting until you go back to internal or external view. So this way you can watch your course and corrections. (I do hohmans this way sometimes, eyeballing the ejection angle and then correcting midcourse).

3. Unfortunately no.

4. There's a deadzone setting in the config.ini (Documents/Pioneer/config.ini). I'm not sure about using thrusters with joystick. The one I have is rubbish, so I never tried.


Glad you are enjoying the game. 🙂

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2 You can edit  /data/ui/Infoview.lua and uncomment this line 


--tabGroup:AddTab({ id = "orbitalAnalysis", title = l.ORBITAL_ANALYSIS,     icon = "Planet",    template = orbitalAnalysis, })


like this


tabGroup:AddTab({ id = "orbitalAnalysis", title = l.ORBITAL_ANALYSIS,     icon = "Planet",    template = orbitalAnalysis, })


you get another tab with F3 key with all speeds need for enter - stay - leave orbit to the selected planet


4 What system are you using ?


win = you can set deadzone with joystick drivers


mac = i don't know


linux = you can set joystick values with jstest-gtk and save them with "jscal /dev/js0 -p >" make it executable "chmod +x" and add this file at startup or when you start the game