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Star Citizen Referral Program

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HI all,

If anyone is interested in Star Citizen and has not yet signed up this is for you.

Alpha 2.4 is almost out with new ships, features, and persistence within the 'verse, so it is absolutely time to join!

I am kindly asking that, if you are new to Star Citizen and are signing up for the first time, please use this referral code!


I am looking for 10 people to join and enter this code, you get some extra in-game creds to use and I get a nice unlock after 10 referrals  🙂 The code to use is STAR-2DW9-X3TW which you enter during the registration process at .  For access to the game you must make a pledge to support RSI through purchasing a ship package, and then you get to fly  😀 This is also the mechanism by which you "buy into" the game, and ensure your participation from alpha to release (and obviously the full game upon release).


This period allows you to participate in early testing, and support the growing community and developers over at RSI.


Help support this awesome game! (And me!)


My handle in-game is SirSteelBuns, feel free to add for some space shenanigans. I am also happy to help new players learn the ropes! And you can fly my Cutlass if you're lucky 😛




Code: STAR-2DW9-X3TW


*ruv u rong time




Also *if* I reach 10 referrals, I will happily edit out my code and suggest someone else's! (the rewards after 10 referrals aren't really worth it...)