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I recently came across this Star Trek themed CGI short film created by Tim Vining. I have enjoyed every minute of these videos and cannot wait for the final episode, hopefully due out this summer. I won’t give away to much of the film but you will like the story, these 4 short clips are about 10mins each and move the story along nicely without rushing it.

Here is a basic run description on what the short film is about:

Star Trek: Aurora follows the exploits of captain Kara Carpenter and her new (and only) Vulcan first mate T’Ling on their tiny merchant cargo ship Aurora. This fully CG-animated movie is set just after the original Star Trek series in a lawless sector of space, where Kara and T’Ling engage in their marginal venture while trying to both turn a profit and stay out of trouble, but even in the vastness of space, trouble is never far away…and sometimes the past is never far enough behind.

Read more about Star Trek Aurora and the production process on the website:

Tim if you read this you did a great job on the story/plot and especially the character models, and then using the whole 60’s uniforms and ship styles. I had my headphones on, and the background sound effects and the occasional music tracks were well done as well. I cannot wait for the conclusion of this story and hope you continue these short films and stay in the scifi arena.

Well enough waiting check out the entire film below:

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