Galaxy on Fire 2 HD Review


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I recently sat down and played Galaxy on Fire 2 to completion, yeah I know I am a little late to the party. I have a huge steam library and very little time to play games so I play when I have time.

Originally GoF2 was a mobile game ported to the PC (its missing the DLC that was released on mobile). To be honest the port was actually pretty good I have played some pretty bad ports to PC in the past.

The story could have had more content personally. I am ok with the alien threat coming through the wormhole and you being the hero to stop them. But try to generate some urgency and true threat to the galaxy. It would have been nice to see the aliens taking over whole sectors wiping out humans, planets, stations or other alien factions. Making you have to work together for a common goal or least would show off game progression.

What you will run into at times in the game that can be frustrating is warping into a sector with a faction your not too friendly with that is also being attacked by the alien threat and now you have to defend yourself against both, when the alien faction should be happy your saving their asses but instead you have to wipe them all out 🙂 haha

There can be quite a grind to the game if you want to attain or create most of the blueprints or too unlock all of the sectors on the map. I was able to unlock all of the planets/sectors in the game, I didn’t have the will to grind to attain all the blueprints.

The quests/missions were your basic type. I was slightly irritated that the big capitol ships you get sent to destroy have no weapons, once you destroy their escort they just sit there and let you destroy them.

Yeah I know, this was a mobile game first so I forgive a lot of this. This would be unacceptable in a native pc game today.

Overall the flight mechanics are pretty good and fun to engage in combat. There is some issues with collision mechanics and trying to fly through spaces you know you could fit through. Mining was challenging even with the best equipment to extract a core (or maybe I am getting old and my hand shakes).


  • Combat was entertaining and fun
  • Surprisingly the blueprint system was good and easy to figure out
  • Game had quite a bit of resources, weapons, ships and ship components to purchase and use on your ship
  • Graphics were good for the time it came out and it also being a mobile port
  • Mining extraction is like a small mini game can be tough with a lower tier extraction laser


  • Would have liked a engaging story
  • Needed to have more choices in the game that affected either you or the galaxy.
  • Your actions didn’t have consequences
  • Collision mechanics were irritating in the void with the alien motherhship
  • The ending is a little anti-climatic 😉 yeah you can continue playing after the game but nothing happens no changes in the galaxy that I could see…. heck I just saved all your asses I don’t get a thanks 🙂
  • Wingmen were not too useful to be honest, but I didn’t mind I like getting all the kills I am the hero after all


If you can get GoF2 on the cheap ($5 or less) it will give you about 15-25hrs of fun depending on how many achievements you want to unlock. I didn’t stop until I acquired all of the game ones, steam had a few extra achievements I wasn’t going to grind for. But I would have to agree with the steam feedback the positives to the game out weigh the negatives and it is like a freelancer-lite game since it has all of the elements of that game. So give it a try.

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