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Can't Target Hostiles?

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So I just started playing the game.  I've been dabbling in Elite: Dangerous and I wanted to check out its roots.  


Here's the thing.  I just finished that race to Ghandi.  Yay!  Used my winnings to buy medicine.  When I fly to Soholia I ALWAYS  get attacked by pirates.  No matter how many times I load, no matter how fast I try to fly through, no matter what, I get targeted.  


I can't fight back.  I press T to target hostiles.  It does nothing.  I click the little red targeting reticle.  Nothing.  I can't fire missiles.  All I can do is manually aim lasers and hope for the best.  


What am I doing wrong?  What can I possibly do?  I am totally stumped and can not progress any further.  

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It's been an age since I played this and I can't remember offhand but don't you have to click on the icon to fire the missile.


Also make sure you have some missile on board.

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Hi Scraphound


To target enemies, make sure that you've switched to combat mode by clicking on the 5th dashboard button, or pressing F5. Then use the mouse to click on the target of choice - it'll gain a red box/symbol on it once locked. This is only really required for firing missiles though - lasers are completely manual. With a target locked, you'll be able to fire a missile - 'M' key - or click on the icon that depicts the missile you want to fire if you've got multiple types fitted.


The 'T' key only works when your ship is fitted with the "Auto targetter" device. It'll flash a targetting box in the centre of the crosshairs that'll lock on to a target that passes across it.


Frontier/FFE is tough compared to Elite: Dangerous. You will get jumped by pirates in dangerous systems, and they will blast you to bits frequently until you've worked up to a larger, better defended ship. The tip is to save often and to keep multiple saves!


If you take a look in the game folder - there's probably a subfolder called "Manual" with a fan-written guide to playing in .PDF format. Well worth a look as it describes how to do pretty much everything in the game.


Fly safe Commander!