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Dune Awakening

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This is a open world survival MMO, looks good especially if they really capture the DUNE universe right. But regardless if its a MMO, I hope they did what SWTOR did and really have some great story based missions. But time will tell...

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The "open world" and "survival" are wildcards, and quite dangerous ones on top of it. The "secrets" they post on their website are world-building-centered, but the description they have sounds like a mix of a normal survival game (e.g., Rust) with some social-MMO elements. I'm fond of EVE-like MMOs that focus on wide PvP (from pure violence to economy or politics). If they go in that direction in at least some degree, then it might be interesting.

But then, I don't expect anything. Time will tell indeed. Or they will just cancel it and we'll never know, heh.