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Trigon: Space Story

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Trigon looks to be released by the end of this year, check it out on steam here:

Space roguelike adventure. Take a chance to become a spaceship captain and lead your own crew, make pivotal decisions, and inevitably win tactical battles. Uncover the mysteries of the galaxy, among which is the star of Trigon, the most sinister and enigmatic one.


  • Enjoy epic ship battles in wonderous parts of the universe. There is a deadly spaceship with multiple combat subsystems at your disposal. Just don’t forget that it’s important to take care of both the ship and the captain. Since it’s you who are the captain!
  • Fight in your own fashion. Overwhelm the enemy’s defense with your powerful weapons or force their ship’s life-support system out of action to watch them die of oxygen deficiency.
  • Secure a tactical victory by using your crew’s unique abilities. Send your landing force to unexpectedly board the enemy’s ship, or be savvy enough to exploit your crew members’ abilities and take control of the other party’s ship without damaging its valuable cargo.

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Ha! When I saw the title, I thought someone had made a game out of The Trigon Disunity (which is an excellent tale).

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