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Interview with Gary Kurtz

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Interesting interview with producer Gary Kurtz as he look back at the StarWars film, in which he say that the prequels and Jedi were made to sell toys. Which confirms my view of the prequels as being nothing but one long toy advert and the only reason for having ewoks in Jedi ... z-wer.html

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Nice to get some background like that on Star Wars. I knew Lucas made some coin off the toys but didn't know he sold out to it and it probably changed the creative direction of the movies.

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Is there still good in Lucas/Vader? I tend to think not. Watching him and the Jabba-esque Rick Mcallum pimping the prequels, and then suffering the experience of watching the movies, spoke volumes about Lucas' conversion to the Dark Side of corporate film-making. I feel for Kurtz. Empire is my favourite, by a country mile.

He says that Kurtz has become a figure of integrity to the fans who believe that Lucas has followed the wrong path.

Hell yeah.