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Best LCD for Freelancer

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I have asked this question recently on SWAT and I think that I can get a great advice here as well. I would like to ask kind folks here for advice on the best monitor for Freelancer. I am going to build a new gaming rig and I am also going to get a new monitor. I have gamed on 16:10 22" LG Flatron 225WS, which has a 5ms TN panel. I am looking for a monitor upgrade, both in size and features. What would give me superior "space sim" experience - a 2ms 120Hz TN panel or 5ms(or more) 60Hz MVA/IPS(PLS) panel? While 120Hz should provide for more fluid feel of the game, MVA/IPS should provide for more immersion due to their superior colour quality.

As I aim to play Freelancer "old school" style, i.e. 4:3, I am looking for a 16:10 24" or 16:9 27" monitor as this size would give me the same screen estate (or more) when playing Freelancer pillarboxed as playing Freelancer on a 4:3 20" screen.

I am deciding between the following monitors, but please feel free to advice me on whatever model you have good experience with.

24" 1920 x 1200

* Samsung SyncMaster S24A450BW (5ms TN)

* Samsung SyncMaster S24A850DW (5ms S-PLS)

27" 1920 x 1080

* Samsung SyncMaster S27A650D (8ms MVA)

* BenQ GW2750 HM (4ms MVA)

* Samsung SyncMaster S27A750D/950D (2ms 120Hz TN)

27" 2560 x 1440

* Samsung SyncMaster S27A850D (5ms S-PLS)

What are your experiences with these models or what other models would you recommend?

Does anyone has any experience with playing Freelancer on HDTV? Some HDTVs seem to be great for PC gaming, like LG 32/37/42LS570S and LG 47LS5600 or like Philips 32/37/42PFL4007H and 46PFL5606H. All of these models are pretty recent and offer both gaming mode and 4:3 mode.

Thanks for advice!