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Corrupted saves and random accusations of piracy

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I have been playing the latest version of Pioneer more or less since it was released. But in the last couple of days, a few odd things happened to me.


First, Pioneer started crashing to desktop when opening any save (and autosave) I had. Annoying, even if not hugely so. I deleted them all (including autosaves) and started again.


But now I often get random accusations of being a space pirate and police attacks. I'm in the habit of pausing the game and saving when I land, then browse the boards, and then I inevitably get the problem when I press Play again to restart normal time flow. But, and that's the most annoying thing, after the bug occurs I inevitably get the same problem even if I reload a different save file - immediately after I load and press Play the laser shots and the piracy accusations fly off. Another case of save file corruption?


Is this something that is happening to others too?

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I don't check the forums often enough and missed this until now! Sorry about that.


Are you still having the save game problems and random piracy accusations?