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Disable Central Reticule?

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Can't find a config option for this - tab key only hides the whole HUD;  i want to see the telemetry, just tucked neatly away to the bottom in lieu of an active cockpit, consistent with the visually-clean & minimalist HUD components of the game's spiritual ancestry.  A small fixed crosshair, a floating heading-vector reticle, nav & combat target locks, and nothing else!


'Set' and 'actual' speeds w/ velocity FoR in one corner, system / body name in the other - honestly, i have no problems flying or navigating in FE2D3D, and about the only enhancement i've made to that HUD is to shrink the reticules and overlay fonts down..  less is more, like.. 


You've got a beautiful space sim.  Wondrous, enticing sights to behold..  Spamming a giant immoveable HUD element over the middle of it was always gonna be contentious..  i don't care how cleverly-designed it is, i'm not even going to acknowledge that if it's forced into permanent view literally front and center like this..  Please make it turn-offable?

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There's no option for it currently. We talked about having HUD modes, and a minimal one could be among them. But don't hold your breath, right now development is rather slow, because most of the team is swamped with other obligations. So UI work will be equally glacial.

If you are inclined to work on such things, you could check out data/pigui, that"s where all the UI lives, coded in lua.

From the design perspective, my reasoning for putting those info in the center was that at high time accel levels, you need all your relevant data and markers front and center, because it is rather easy to miss the flipping point of a transfer and severly overshoot your target, or overspend your propellant and become an Epstein imitator. (And if you fly with autopilot, then you don't even need any HUD really) For this reason a minimally implemented minimal mode in my opinion would be another step for the tab key which shoves that data to the edges of the screen, then the next step turns off the UI.