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New release (finally!)

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Exactly one year away from the last one, there is a new release available. Only from github for now, because the build process has changed, and the site will be renewed.

Some of the changes:
- Lots of fixes and under the hood changes.
- Some additional parts o the UI are migrated to imgui:
- Comms
- System overview
- Autopilot functions are now accessed via right-mouse on bodies, or the names of the bodies on the HUD
- Combat missions
- Beam laser
- Audio alarms
- Flyby camera, accessed via alt+F1
- New and improved music
- A new transport ship, the Lodos
- Heavy atmo shielding for those fuel scooping adventures
- Some new custom systems
- Sol start is now on Mars
- Ships now exit hyperspace close to the star, not on the outskirts of a system
- The starts are partially rendered from the sector data
- Bodies in unexplored systems are not instantly revealed

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Nice one, it's been ages since I last looked at Pioneer.