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[Sticky] Pioneer team announcement: We have moved! (some links will need to be updated)

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Just a notification, that robn has now handed over all his engagements in pioneer, after many years of long service, he will no longer be able to proved us with free hosting of forum, website, and wiki. However, the wheels must keep spinning, and the spice must flow, so we are now paying for our own server (if you want to help the developers, please consider donating no donation is too small). To save money, we will not be renewing the domain, also the development forum has a new URL. Please update your bookmarks, and let us know if you find the old URLs still floating around anywhere.




dev-docs (this is a new site):


Also note, the old wiki will re-direct to the new site, but only for a few more months, then it will 404.

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Thanks for the update Impaktor, as always if you need anything from me just let me know. I can easily add any space needed for Pioneer if needed. And if you need any specific permissions on the Pioneer section of SSC just let me know. I haven't looked lately to what you have. I will sticky this post for you.