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Search and Rescue Missions (and targeting ships)

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Hi pilots,


New to this sim and I'm really enjoying my time with it. I've found a lucrative search and rescue mission that I need some help with:


I traveled to the "last known" location of the distressed ship (in orbit). I'm finally in orbit around the planet, and see an orange "blip" on my radar that I'm assuming is the distressed ship, however when I fly to it (I put the orange blip in the center circle of my radar without any lines radiating away from it, which I assume means I'm on the same plane as the target so I should be practically on top of it right now), there is nothing there. I'm not sure how to lock on/target radar contacts (I've tried hitting Y), and I don't get a message stating that there are any ships in the vicinity like I do near ports. I also don't physically see any ship in external views except my own.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

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That blip is likely the planet. You can either target the ship via the F3 infoscreen mission list entry, or you can look for it in the orbital map. You can enable ships on the right, and then can target them by RMB