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Continuing the Open-world Overhaul, 2 new ships and Lore.

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A huge week as we ramp up publicity as we continue work on the Open-world Overhaul. We take a glimpse at just how we're going to do it, the problems we'll face and some new images in the post 'Open-world Overhaul Zones and UI.'
"A ‘zone’ in short is a tactical play area, pretty much the same as a map in the current Shallow Space alpha. But why zones? Well there are inherent technical issues making a true open world space game..."
Two new ships are born into the MFC faction. The Heavy Cruiser 'Heretic' and it's sister ship the Medium Cruiser 'Hexen' have descriptive blurb and 3D turntables ready for perusal over on the blog Commander.
"These generation 4 ships are designed to be the multifunction foot soldiers of any unit and have a versatile internal and external configuration allowing them to be used in a variety of combat and civilian roles."
The first part of John Harpers new short story 'Paradijs Lost' has also arrived, tracking the exploits of Eve Walters in the Pleiadas System, which incidentally is the first core planetary system we'll be modelling in the revised alpha.
She arrived in a hurry, seemingly on the run, but who from? and just what is her crime? Find out more after the link!
"Eve flicked through her billfold. Her cards could be traced. Did she have any Pleiades cash? Her mind was a jumble, adrenaline and fear crushing any cogent thought that dared rise to the surface. She put some bills on the bar. They were PLC currency. Too much though, dammit. She pulled a twenty back. The ‘keeps hand enveloped the cash and slid back under the bar, the cash gone with it, then he moved to the rack of empty jugs. Perfect change, obviously."