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Ensign 1

Ensign 1 is multi-player space combat game where players can leave their ships on foot to commandeer turrets and other starships. The more players fight, they may also purchase weapons, upgrades, and brand new ships.
Homepage: Ensign 1 Homepage
Purchase from: Steam



Fairspace is a space based MMO set in a vast persistent universe, You are free to take on any role or allegiance you want . Twitch based combat, Trading, Missions, Exploration and Mining are all supported.
Homepage: Fairspace Homepage
Purchase from: Steam
Status: Online


God Factory: Wingmen

God Factory: Wingmen is a competitive space combat game developed by Nine Dots Studio in which two teams of four face off each other and try to destroy the enemy's carrier ship while protecting their own. The player gets to build his ships part by part and cooperation is mandatory to win.
Homepage: Nine Dot Studio Homepage
Purchase from: Steam


Heresy War

Humanity has been reborn from the ashes after a catastrophic world war and now starts a civil war.
Homepage: Heresy War Homepage
Status: Under Development


Miner Wars 2081

Miner Wars is a 6DOF underground and space shooter played in a fully destructible environment and is going to be released in a single player story game with a MMO version coming afterwards depending on the success of the SP offering.
Homepage: Miner Wars Homepage
Purchase from: Steam


Salvation Prophecy

Salvation Prophecy is a space epic of warring factions, where you control both a character and a space ship, engage in space and land battles, and explore the galaxy. It is a single player PC game with space sim, RPG, and strategic elements.
Purchase from: Steam


Sector 13

This is starfighter combat done RIGHT. With a huge variety of starfighters and weapons, engage in fast and explosive warfare in next-gen combat arenas.
Homepage: Sector 13 Homepage
Status: Alpha


Shallow Space

Take command of the Terran Confederate Navy's Gamma fleet dominating sectors of space tending to both random encounters and story-line missions. Engage your capital ships in combat to improve your officer's skills, mine resources and produce smaller ships to compliment your fleet in this full 3D RTS.
Homepage: Shallow Space Homepage
Purchase from: Steam
Status: Beta Phase



Solotra.B is a 2D open world, space combat/trader with a touch of tower/base defense. A fusion of (and inspired by) classics like Elite, Asteroids, Space Invaders & Fragile Allegiance. You have been sent out into an unknown sector of the galaxy in order to scavenge, mine and trade the resources needed to save your Home World. Single Player Indie PC game by Ricky Bartolo.
Homepage: Solotra.B Homepage
Status: Under Development



The world's first MMCSA (Massively Multiplayer Collectable Strategy Adventure)
Spacemasters is an epic game combining elements from TCG's, RPG's, Strategy, and Adventure genres. The most original space strategy title to come out in years, Spacemasters moves away from the slew of Masters of Orion clones, and Eve Online wannabes.


Stars of Icarus

Stars of Icarus is a top-down Space-Shooter for Adobe Flash, focused on a deep combat system and exploration, featuring RPG elements. As you explore, you will hone your skills, learn to think on your feet, outmaneuver your enemies and upgrade your ship with new found technology.
Homepage: Stars of Icarus Homepage
Status: Under Development


Void of Darkness

Discussion about Void of Darkness and another Unannounced Space Game.
Homepage: Void of Darkness Homepage


Deep Space Salvage Yard

The Deep Salvage Yard is where we keep the games that once had communities or games that are on hold or cancelled. Maybe we can breathe some life back into some of these abandoned vessels.
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