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Starship Simulator

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Think this is a co-op game although it says single player on the steam page?., anyhow seems to be another command a starship game and you can download a demo on Steam. Starship Simulator on Steam (

From Steam.

Starship Simulator is a space exploration sandbox, where you serve as a crewmember aboard mankind's first experimental deep space exploration vessel. Your ship is tasked with the mission of exploring the galaxy beyond Sol to seek out habitable worlds, with standing orders to conduct science and make successful first contact with any alien species you encounter on your journey. You will soon discover however that the galaxy is a vast and mysterious place, with unexpected dangers lurking in the dark.

While exploring space your ship will require fuel and maintenance, and the 200+ crewmembers will require food and healthcare. Both players and the NPC crew alike will need to perform role-specific tasks to ensure the ongoing needs of the ship and her crew are managed successfully.

Send probes to the surface of alien worlds to retrieve all manner of interesting samples, from simple flora to the relics of long-dead civilisations. You could find a new food source, a new mineral to enhance your hull plating, or perhaps even some abandoned alien technology. Do you risk connecting it to your ship? It could help or hinder in unexpected ways.

Make first contact with all manner of procedurally generated alien races, and negotiate peaceful relations by carefully navigating multiple-choice dialogues. Some will be welcoming of your presence in their system, while others will require skilled diplomacy to avoid conflict.

If your ship and crew perform admirably then you will return home to Earth for a hero's welcome, but if you neglect your duties or anger the wrong alien species then you may not return home at all.

The Magellan Class starship has been designed and built from the ground up using the same tools and techniques as real world naval vessels. From the bare structural framework to the literal miles of cables and conduits, every part of the ship is fully simulated and designed to be scientifically plausible. Nothing is mere surface detail. Every button does something, and every piece of hardware serves a real purpose.

Real Structural Framework

The bare titanium that defines the physical structure of the ship has been designed in line with the latest manufacturing techniques used in the real world today, projected forward 200 years with advances in 3D Printing and AI-driven automation in mind. Every structural beam and weld-line is represented in real-time, both between decks and behind every panel.

Real Hardware

Every system on the ship is driven by simulated hardware, and these systems are connected together by a complex network of pipes, cables, and conduits that also exist in real-time. As an Engineer, you can follow every cable from source to destination while it passes through various pieces of hardware along the way.

Architectural Design

The ship’s interiors are inspired by retrofuturism artwork and the designs of architects such as Zaha Hadid. The layout of each individual deck has been designed with both form and function in mind, with each of the ship’s 200+ rooms existing to serve a practical purpose.

Fully Explorable

Players are free to explore the entirety of the ship's 7 decks on foot without any barriers or loading screens, all while travelling between stars at speeds in excess of 570ly per hour. There's always plenty to do aboard the ship while waiting to arrive at your destination.

Our focus on science and realistic simulation also extends to the galaxy itself, with the entirety of the Milk Way galaxy simulated using real world astrophysics. Inclusive of the the Galactic Halo region, the volume of explorable space is over 1.7 quadrillion cubic lightyears.

Procedural Generation

Our astrophysics driven procedural algorithms generate believable and scientifically plausible star systems. If you want to find Earth-like worlds for example, you will need to seek out a star's habitable zone where liquid water can exist. This is calculated based on a planet's distance from its host star, its bond albedo, and also its atmospheric makeup.

Life Among the Stars

When you find a planet that's capable of supporting life, your scans will reveal the nature of that life and how advanced it is. It could be anything from simple bacteria to ancient alien civilizations that are millions of years more advanced than us. How will they react to your presence, and do you attempt to contact them?

Breathtaking Beauty

We're leveraging the latest rendering technologies in Unreal Engine 5 to ensure our galaxy is as visually stunning as possible. From the stars themselves to all manner of stellar phenomenon, the views out of the window should always take your breath away.

Players can choose to occupy one of a number of different roles on the ship, with each one presenting the player with unique and interesting gameplay challenges.


Born to be in command, as the Captain, you will be making the big decisions such as which star systems the ship should explore, whether or not an alien species should be contacted, or whether or not to stand your ground or retreat in a hostile situation. How well you handle first contact situations will have a very real impact on how the mission plays out.


Taking the Helm, as the ship's Pilot, you will be responsible for safely navigating the ship through space. You will also pilot the shuttles and other support craft as required by the current mission objectives.

Science Officer

Working on the Bridge and in the Science Labs, as a Scientist, you will be responsible for performing scans of stellar objects and analysing any gathered data. You'll also be performing tests on samples and artefacts acquired by the ship on its travels.

Tactical Officer

Working on the Bridge and around the ship, as a Tactical Officer you will be responsible for defending the ship and her crew. You'll man the tactical Bridge station during combat, and serve as the security detail on any away missions.


Working in Engineering and around the ship, as an Engineer, you will be responsible for maintaining and repairing the ship's many systems. Keeping everything in tip-top condition will ensure the ship is always ready to meet any new challenge, but neglect your daily maintenance duties and critical systems will begin to fail.


Working in the Medical Facility, the Doctor is responsible for the crew's physical wellbeing. You will be dealing with everything from simple cuts and bruises to strange alien pathogens that could infect the entire crew.

Morale Officer

Working in the Mess Hall as the ship's Chef you will be responsible for preparing healthy meals for the crew, but also as their Bartender, you will perform the important role of listening to their concerns and offering helpful advice. It's up to you to look after their mental health.


As a guest aboard the ship, you will have no duties to perform, allowing you to simply relax and explore the ship at your leisure.



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looking forward to this game's release as I have been a fan of this game for a long time

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