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4th Anniversary Livestream

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The rest of the videos can be found here:




"This is the first iteration of the official Star Marine and alot of things will be addressed/tweaked to make this module a more "tactical" experience for our player base. The map we played on was designed for more than 5v5 players, so in order to cap all 4 points we had to sprint pretty much the entire time AND all the players were SUPER excited to just go balls to the wall (I'm not gonna lie, I was just running and spraying bullets at everyone I saw because I was SUPER pumped and hyper). We are aware of the too much sprinting being an issue and has been talked over, We are also working towards encouraging players to go into cover, vault over objects, and stick together. So we will make adjustments to make Star Marine thrilling, exciting, and tactical as pitched 🙂 We'll get it!" - Jlee-CIG