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Responsibility of modder

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What is the responsibility of modder team should be to modify key elements while following main rules. The target is to make it successful as

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(a) Strike craft

Strike crafts used in the game are basically designed after crafts used for combat at earth. In space, we have six degrees of freedom and cap ships aka mobile sam/AA. This calls for a totally different strategy. Flying strike craft is no fun when you cannot survive even a small skirmish. And also one should not forget to make fighters light in planet atmosphere.

(b) Cap-Ship

A virtual 3d bridge. Only static is possible in current structure of game. If anyone has played battle-station midway, he knows that stgs caps need voice overs like screams of launching torpedoes, indicating damaged hull and of course repair warnings. A nice patrol chat based on battle-situation would be interesting to keep even a routine patrol interesting.

(c) Background

Well in stgs you have to cover long distances to reach a target as a bomber or capship. An eye-candy in space would be refreshing along with patrol chatter, or raising your spirits speech.

Right now star gathering storm might be regarded as Terellian Alliance space simulator(joking for its extreme realism).

It needs a hollywood touch.

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Looking forward to your code patches, models, sounds, and all the other stuff needed to make this work.