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Stars of Icarus - A Top-Down Space Shooter in Flash  


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September 27, 2014 10:14


Hi there,


we're Crunchy Leaf Games, a newly formed Indie Studio from Berlin, Germany! Stars of Icarus is our first team project and we're working tirelessly to make it the best experience it can be!


A top-down Space-Shooter for Adobe Flash, Stars of Icarus is focused on a deep combat system and exploration, featuring free movement and RPG elements. The deep combat mechanics will allow players to hone their skills, outmaneuver enemies and use the environment and other tools to their advantage. All the while upgrading their ship with looted and newfound technology.


The idea is to redefine the possible level of quality within Flash-based action games. We believe Stars of Icarus will outshine free-to-play and priced titles alike, combining the rewarding and exciting gameplay of a dungeon crawler with the mysteries of space and the fun of agile, fast paced movement and combat.






Obligatory Feature List:

  • An open world to explore
  • Deep combat with fast and agile controls
  • Engaging enemies with different behaviors and weaknesses to exploit
  • Tactical destruction of multi-part enemies
  • Lots of Loot and Upgrades
  • An interactive environment, offering multiple combat options
  • Replayability through a mix of hand-crafted and cleverly randomized content
  • Exciting visuals and presentation through a custom-built engine


We are eager to hear your opinion! Let us know what you think! Here, or on any of these:


We leave you with some gameplay footage of our Asteroid Breaker enemy and the Jump Gate. Constructive criticism is always welcome. More updates will follow soon.




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September 27, 2014 12:06  

SoI is looking great, but few questions.... why Flash? With a lot of he mobile devices today still having issues with flash content it could be hard for mobile users to enjoy your game and with HTML5 trying to push the replacement of Flash. Just thought it was odd is all, I honestly didn't know flash was that robust to create a game like this.


You mention loot in some of the features, will you be able to turn that loot into credits at stations or break loot down to raw elements to trade? Or do you come across roaming traders?


Will you have that same ship in the videos or are there different ships you can acquire or upgrade too?

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September 29, 2014 02:44  

Hey DarkOne,


yes, loot is one of the game's main features. You can collect it from many objects you find while exploring and will be able to break it down to a universal currency back at your home base. This currency can then be used to upgrade your ship in various aspects.


The ship you pilot has special properties that are revealed over the course of the story. You will continually upgrade the ship and change its abilities and appearance as you progress. Rather than a ship you swap at a pawn shop, you can think of it more as an RPG character.


To address your development related questions: We are working in Flash for a couple of reasons. First most, Flash games can easily reach a large audience. A successful game, even by a small developer, can get millions of plays. As we want to get our name out there and develop a fan base, this is a big advantage for us.


As for mobile devices, you are absolutely right, it will be fairly difficult to get the game running smoothly on tablets and smartphones. Right now, there is already a port of SoI for iPhone and iPad, but the performance is so poor that we don't see a release coming on those platforms in the near future.


HTML5 is being hailed as the Flash-killer for quite some time now. In my humble opinion these cries are somewhat premature. Although HTML5 is going to continue to nibble away at Flash's large piece of the interactive-content cake, I do believe that Flash will still be around for quite some time. HTML5 does many things great already, but Flash still holds advantages in some areas. Areas that are especially important to game developers, like mature libraries and performance in specific areas. If you are interested in finding out more, there is a good article here.


As to your question about Flash being robust enough for these sorts of games, here are some fine examples of Sci Fi Flash games:

Star Lost - Space Game

Lost Outpost - Shooter

Starcom - Space Game

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November 5, 2016 08:36  

We've just launched our Greenlight campaign for Stars of Icarus!


Vote for it here: