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Visit our preparing campaign on prefundia

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We are preparing a campaign for Kickstarter on May 2015.


Please tell us, what information do we have to include in our campaign.


There is some of them.


(rewards are secret until release)

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What a nice overview of your game, that is definitely a nice start.


I am not sure how much your trying to get in funding but huge amounts (above $125k) are very hard to attain unless your like an existing IP or your have a lot of name recognition. When you sit back and look at it Elite: Dangerous didn't even blow the doors off its funding goal and this game IP has a huge following for its previous three games. My advise aim for what you absolutely need to finish the project by the date you have set.


I can stress this more, post on your kickstarter, screenshots, videos, answer questions from people funding etc... show that you are a active developer and your passionate about your game and the potential buyers will be able to see that.


Personally in recent years there has been a lot of space game kickstarters so is there a saturation of these projects? Also something to consider when coming up with a funding goal.



But looking good and those models are amazing and the whole open source modeling is great!