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Physical Dimensions of "Space Trader's Flight Training Manual"?

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Greetings, commanders

Would someone please be so kind as to measure for me (to 0.5mm or 0.3mm precision, if possible) the length and width of the front cover of a physical copy of the original 1984 Elite SBG38/B1 Space Trader's Flight Training Manual?

Measurements of any other versions/editions (clearly specifying which version/edition, e.g. C64, Spectrum, CPC; Apple; Acornsoft 1986, Superior Software 1986; MSX, Tatung Einstein, 1987 PC; Atari, AMIGA) would also be very welcome.

Multiple measurements of the same version/edition from different commanders would also be appreciated, for the purposes of statistical accuracy. If you see someone else has already done it, do not let that dissuade you from posting your own results, please.

I have discovered at least two different pdf versions of SBG38/B1 online, but the dimensions given in their metadata differ significantly, supposedly due to variations in scanning.

There are many lovely pictures of many different Elite manuals online, but no indication of the actual size, as far as I have been able to discover yet.

Neurodivergent much? Yes, please. :D

Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation and effort in this endeavour.

Kind regards, sincerely and faithfully

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Bit of a bizarre request, I have the Acorn version of the game some where will look it out and have a measure. 


Had a look at the BBC, Amstrad and ST version of the manual, basically all the same size with maybe a mm difference which is probably due to my measuring.

So I would say they are a standard A5 size which is 148mm wide by 210mm long which would make sense as their was only two publishers of the 8/16 bit Elite game and no doubt that Firebird just used Acorns assets when they published their version of the manual.

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