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I use app personally on a daily basis and its great and takes the stress out of learning crypto and the crypto debit cards are great, ask me anything on this. I will probably make a thread discussing crypto soon. REFERRAL CODE = p5mu64hcq4

Shadow of Fear

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good morning peeps, =) i am hear to tell you about the Shadow of fear that is now cast across Sirius as the times have changed and so have alegences, with new factions and new enemies on the rise we need brave men and woman to stand and fight for our place in the galaxy. with lodes of new ships and equipment you can exploare and find new sectors of space and ship tech that can change the way you fight! PVP is awesome and the NPC combat is alot more intence so you have to be sharp! come on guys n girls, come join me in multiplayer, if you need any help please contact me hear or just search key words "Shadow of Fear" =) thanx for reading, have an awesome day!

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Is this your website for the mod?