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[Sticky] Cellphone and Mobile Device Space Sims List

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Galaxy Pirate King

From the web site

In GPA, you are the son of the Galaxy Pirate King, who teaches you skills to prey on vessels traveling through space. Among the most graphically detailed and technically complex space RPGs for iOS, the game features 44 cinematic cutscenes and the story unfolds over 40 hours of gameplay. With a large galaxy containing 40 starports, 10 solar systems and 2 pirate kingdoms with different levels of technological advancement, presented with some of the most gorgeous visuals ever seen on the iOS platform, Galaxy Pirate Adventure further raises the standard of iOS games towards the quality of console titles.

Feature Highlights:

multi-ship battles in an immersive, 3D interstellar space

learn the many skills to become a successful pirate

44 cinematic cutscenes enhance the drama of the narrative

select crewmembers, missions, weapons, engines, targets, and more

37 different ships, 200+ pieces of equipment, 200+ crew members, 10 solar systems

advanced metallic shader that real-time renders a diffuse map, normal map, reflection map, gloss map, and specular map on iPad 2 & iPhone 4S

Device Requirements:

* iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPad, iPad2, iPod Touch 3, or iPod Touch 4

Requires iOS 3.2.3 or above

I like the look of this game, make me wish that I owned an Ipod.

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Drifter Hyperspace test vid also shows some of the interface features

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Another space trading game for the mobiles out now for Iphone/pad and in December for android also a later PC/MAC version of the game.

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Master of Orion clone, Starbase orion is pretty good fun, website here

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So far my favourite iphone space game has been Empire Ascendant

This game is a top down space combat where you only control one ship but in amazing detail.

For example, upgrades, power management, quadranted shields and lazers, and repairs

(From the site)

24 Technological Research Fields

8 Capital Ships to Command

7 Galaxies to Explore

5 Alien Races

1 Really Really Long Tutorial

It does have a glitch which sometimes loses your save game, which can be a "little" annoying. But apart from that its almost flawless and a great game.

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Vendetta Online is playable over mobile.  I used to play on my Xperia PLAY, now on my Galaxy S3.



What's really cool is that I am interacting with people on PC, Mac, Ouya, etc. in the same galaxy.  I can make some progress on my main character on my laptop, switch to my mobile as I'm falling asleep and pick right up where I left off, etc.


A couple reviews:


Lite subs are available at $1 per month on mobile (free download).

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my game on the iPad: Quasar Phase : Space Battle


Plus an upcoming new version called Quasar Phase : Battle Room


Also, I didn't see Galcon listed:

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Space Kite Races

Racing in open space in full 3D. Steering by moving the whole device makes it feel awesome!

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Didn't see [Alite]( "Alite") listed for Android phones and tablets (Mobile Ooolite in other words), vid below:

Oh! And it's free too. 🙂

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