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Pathfinder v1.2 Update to No Mans Sky

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I have held off personally on buying this game until I see it more on sale. But Hello Games is trying to save some face with a mostly negative launch and it has released the 'Pathfinder' update and it includes a lot of updates and game modes as well.

Here is the official trailer to the pathfinder update:

Here is a decent video showing off gameplay of the new update to NMS:

I will be really interested in hearing peoples experience with the game now that it has received a lot of patching, do you think its worth a buy now?

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Hi DarkOne,
yes, I think it's worth to buy now, especially because on GOG or Steam they have reduced price by 40% (see EDIT). The Pathfinder is a huge addition, the base building stuff is doubled, you can own more ships and trade them in, the whole item upgrade system has changed to be more challenging and interesting. Land vehicles have been introduced which will allow to harvest more mining materials from planets.
Still the game needs more content in terms of game mechanics and overall things you can do which are not related to grinding some items, but there is a future for it I think.
2 Patches (1.22, 1.23) have come out pretty fast, HG is speeding things up...
I have been playing since december and I'm having a lot of fun. On Steam there are a lot of ranters but they all now have hard time to find arguments, most of these rants are related to missing multiplayer which this game was never intended for (and will never be probably). Instead of MP, No Man's Sky has online features for uploading discoveries and sharing bases (which is new).
For the reduced price I can easily recommend it. Your grafic card needs support for OpenGL 4.5 (for example Nvidia GTX 960).

Sorry I have to correct: I just checked and I see that GoG and Steam have returned to the old price of 60$. The 40% price drop has only lasted for a few days. Maybe you should wait for the next drop...:(