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Space/SciFi Combat and Simulation Game Discussion

3030 Deathwar

3030 Deathwar is a Top-Down 2D Space Adventure with Combat and Trading, similar to games like Escape Velocity Nova and Elite/Privateer. You play John Falcon, a rogue space adventurer, down on his luck, who gets involved in uncovering a huge conspiracy that will determine the future of mankind. This forum area also covers the newly release of 3030 Deathwar Redux.

Homepage: 3030 Deathwar Homepage
Purchase from: Steam



Avorion is a procedural co-op sandbox where space ships and stations are generated procedurally or built by the players. Avorion's focus lies on combat, exploration, questing, trade and generally flying your ships, not just building them.

Homepage: Avorion Homepage
Purchase from: Steam


CDF Starfighter

CDF Starfighter is an epic space combat simulator with a focus on immersion, VR and pick up and play controls which offer simplicity and skill to master over a period of time.

Homepage: CDF Starfighter Homepage
Purchase from: Steam


Go for Launch: Mercury

Go For Launch: Mercury is the first installment in a series of simulations chronicling the early days of space flight. With full integration for either a standard computer monitor or full VR via a headset GFL:Mercury will take you on the ultimate adventure into space and let you re-live the exact experiences of those early pioneers, the Mercury Seven.

Homepage: Go For Launch: Mercury Homepage
Purchase from: Steam


No Mans Sky

No Mans Sky is a game about exploration and survival in an infinitely procedural generated galaxy.

Website: No Mans Sky Homepage
Purchase from: GOG, Steam



Rodina is a first person space exploration game that gives players the ability to seamlessly travel across an entire full-scale solar system, to fly down to the surfaces of huge procedurally generate planets and walk around, to walk around and interact with their ship, and to engage in dogfights with alien ships.

Homepage: Rodina Homepage
Purchase from: Elliptic Games Store, Steam


Space Pirates and Zombies

In SPAZ, Earth has become inhabitable and humans have colonized the galaxy. You are a pirate looking for more wealth and knowledge, you have heard stories of these treasures located at the galaxy core. So here is where you start your journey. In SPAZ 2, you are basically trying to survive in a space apocalypse.

Homepage: SPAZ Homepage
Purchase from: Steam - SPAZ, Steam - SPAZ 2, GOG - SPAZ, GOG - SPAZ 2



Starsector is a single-player open world sandbox game with role-playing and strategic elements. It combines a classic top down gameplay style with modern technology.

Homepage: Starsector Homepage
Status: Alpha


Starpoint Gemini Series

Starpoint Gemini games are an action space-sims combined with diverse RPG elements. Control various space ships, ranging from small and agile gunships to lumbering, but deadly carriers. Explore, trade, research and fight in a star system no longer hindered by loading points. Note: Starpoint Gemini is now a free DLC addon to Starpoint Gemini 2.

Homepage: Starpoint Gemini Homepage
Purchase from: GOG, Steam


Starwraith Games

Discuss Starwraith Games open ended mercenary style of games. They are all great quality and feature driven by its community. Discuss all the games within (Starwraith I, II, III, IV, Riftspace, Evochron Series and Arvoch Conflict).
Homepage: Starwraith Games Homepage
Purchase from: Homepage, Steam



UniVoyager is an upcoming indie space combat flight simulator with full size planetary scale rendering. UniVoyager will also have seamless space to planet surface transfers and realistic physics.
Website: UniVoyager Homepage



Explore the huge open-world of the VoidExpanse, mine asteroids for valuable resources, trade with space stations and merchants to improve your ship or complete quests, advance your character by picking skills from very diverse skill tree, survive fast paced combat with hostile aliens and mercenaries and explore many other features which together make VoidExpanse an exciting Sci-Fi universe!
Homepage: VoidExpanse Homepage
Purchase from: Steam


Wayward Terran Frontier

Wayward Terran Frontier: Zero Falls aims to be a mix of a space trader, exploration and combat based action role playing game. Inside a procedurally generated galaxy with fully customizable ships and Ship-vs-Ship boarding combat.
Homepage: Wayward Terran Frontier Homepage
Purchase from: Steam
Status: Under Development


Worlds of the Future

Welcome To The Future is a futuristic open world adventure game, set in the year 2500. Your task is to start and grow your new delivery company by completing deliveries and tasks for various companies around the solar system.



X Series

Talk about all the X games from Egosoft like (X: BtF, X-Tesion, X-Gold, X2: The Threat, X3: Reunion, X3: Terran Conflict, X3: Albion Prelude, X-Rebirth)
Homepage: X Series Homepage
Purchase from: Steam, GOG - X Rebirth, GOG - X Gold, GOG - X2 The Threat, GOG - X3 Reunion, GOG - X3 Terran War Pack


Space/SciFi Combat and Simulation Game Discussion

Talk about all the standalone single-player and multi-player based space and scifi combat or simulation games of the past, present and future.
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