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Saitek Pro Flight X65F Control System

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Checkout this new Saitek control for the hardcore gamer...



Due out in February, the Saitek Pro Flight X65F Control System is designed specifically to emulate aircraft controls found in modern military fighter jets. While most conventional flight sticks tilt with your movement, the X65F responds solely to pressure while remaining still.

Bundled in with the X65F is a CD loaded with preset control maps for some of the most popular flight simulation games out there. Of course, you can still customize the flight stick to your liking.

This rig is definitely among the most hardcore at the show, so the more casual flight simulator fans may be a bit intimidated by the sheer amount of buttons and knobs. And with a price tag of $400, the X65F surely isn't for the faint of heart.

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I've visited the Saitek site many times in the past but my favorite was X52 (~160$) with blue LED lighting ... Didn't know there was another gem. 😎

At one point i was searching for a simulation cage and came up with some crazy old military guys that had build their own. One guy has the keyboard, the stick, controls, the PC unit, the monitor all mounted on that monster. The level of addiction that a flight sim can have on people got me a bit scared to tell you the truth ... 😉

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I now know what I'm getting when my X52 dies