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Sound Effects

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Hey groovers.

After spending a little time on IRC and a lot of time actually playing and having a lot of fun, it occured to me, get involved!

I have created a fork (same nick here as github) to start working on the sound effets, I do however have some massive ideas, so I'm not sure if this'll stay as part of the main project or be a downloadable extra. I'll still keep the OGG/Vorbis format, but ramp the bitrate to 196. There will also be some stereo goodness in there, but I'm not 100% certain how the current sound engine will feel about stereo displacement (left to right panning on incoming laser fire, dodging a missile on the first pass, that kind of thing)

A few other ideas I have had are layering sounds for the current speed of your ship (or set speed, not sure how to play this yet). With a softer engine whine while it's gathering pace to a full blown rumble.

I have also been thinking about the shield/hull impact sounds, *personally* I feel the impact from a shielded ship should have a more damp/muffled sound with a much grittier "Oh Crap!... my ship!" when the shields are depleted. The more audial aids you have the less time you're likely spend looking at the UI and find yourself being decimated by Johnny Badman!

And I have an almighty idea for the hyperspace wind up, it should make you feel like star wars did when you were little and saw the falcon jump for the first time.

Obviously this isn't everything 😉

This isn't on the track yet as I thought I'd gather some input from players before I ran off and made some killer (to me) sounds only to find that there was a lot that was missed off and everyone else thinks the sounds are god awful.

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I was thinking of playing around with the sounds but I can barely find time to work on the facegen stuff at the moment, so it's fantastic you're doing this! If you could (and this is just an idea) make the weapon and laser sounds really punchy. I'm so bored of space games having swishy pew pew lasers. Starfarer is a game that seems to be getting better every day, and is doing some excellent stuff with sound-

I love the shield hits and machine gun fire, and the lasers have a sizzley burning effect that gives off quite a good sense of realism. Anyway, good luck! 😀

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Sounds a little like Total Annihilation (except without the servo noises)

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I actually wanted to get something like this:

into the game after playing with synthesis in MaxMSP 🙂

Anyone know of any good libraries for this? I know MaxMSP could do it, but thats expensive and my demo ran out.

Basically with that, every star gets generated its own unique values related to star type and composition ect, and these would influence values assigned to a modulated sine wave. Further modulate the result with a sine or saw tooth wave and you have some crazy procedural galactic noise 🙂

A heck of a lot of sounds can be synthesized in this way.