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Should abortion be illegal or should it remain legal?

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The issue of whether abortion ought to be illegal or the women should have a choice is a raging dispute that touches many raw nerves. Both adjacent considerations include people's views about moral and ethical considerations as well as personal beliefs. This problematic issue entails a dialog around the constitutional system, the self-determination of women, and protecting fetal rights. Learning the subtleties and intricacies of this discussion is critical for establishing respectful dialogues, and seeking for common ground amidst the multifarious views of people and groups.

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Been a while since I seen someone respond to a 13yro post 😉

This is always a sensitive subject. If a woman was raped or its incest it should be granted. Outside of that there is a lot of conditions that need to be weighed into allowing it. I don't think it should be allowed when your careless with who you have sex with.