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2 Development rambles and the conclusion of 'Paradijs Lost'

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Over to the game, some talk regarding recent developments with an extended video awaits you in the ‘Overhaul Progress Update’ blog post.

"Swinging development chat back round to combat, we needed a decision to make as to how exactly we would display damage. When polled over on the forums, the majority of people wanted to see rolling damage counters which kinda fits with the finding and fitting of better weapons and support modules you’ll come across on your travels."


Secrets are finally uncovered as the tale ‘Paradijs Lost’ is brought to a cataclysmic end, but what will become of Eve and Jack…

“She remembered the first time her father had taken her to a Map. She’d wondered why it was called that. A map, she thought, showed someone how to get from Point A to Point B, much the same as the Imperiums ‘Jump Safe’ network guide traffic to areas of interest around planets. A jumpgate merely transported someone from Point A to Point B a lot faster than NTL (Near To Light) drives.”


Development resumes and we all get a little closer to a taste of what’s to come as the todo list shrinks.

But just what is taking so long? and will development continue at this pace? Find out in the latest article with more preview images over in 'Sleeping Beast.'

"So now the development experience is very different. Rather than hand designed maps one-by-one, we instead give the game instruction to create an unlimited number of unique maps itself and rather than perfecting the behaviour of ships that will follow the same path each time, we instead give the ships a limited level of awareness and allow them to collectively make decisions based on their tasks and surroundings."


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I really liked this comment from your blog

On that note, you might notice nothing is exploding just yet – we’re implementing a number of solutions there including smoldering wrecks, damage decals to tear open those bulk heads and toying with the idea of mesh deformation. We’re also looking at really using the physics engine to decorate the battles with ships spinning out of control, visibly reacting to shots hitting the hull.

That new ship model looks very menacing as well.

Great work and keep pressing onward, finish line is in sight 🙂