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New Video, Story & Open-world Overhaul article!

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Hey there! Been a while - we have some interesting developments to share.

The first is a video showing off some of the changes to Shallow Space with the UI, zones system and ship movement which now using PhysX. Also, it's our 50th video as we continue the voyage - checkout the channel page, we've been recording since day 1!

We have the new 'Open-world Overhaul' blog article (#5) including ramblings about where we are with the update and what we're eluding too. It's nice little round-up of the recent events as we continue to remould the game making the most of the procedurally generated glory we've stumbled upon.

"The game also now has a rudimentary AI that will simulate such tasks as auto-attacking, mining and trading (soon to be extended with patrolling etc.) and it’s all driven by a background concurrency simulator dubbed ‘Cerebrus’..."

We'll also talk about the zones system and beyond and look at how we might tackle the complicated beast of the zone map. Check it!


Also, part 3 of the latest installment of lore; 'Paradijs Lost' is now also available Commander!

'The flames outside burned away and Jack’s body relaxed. He gave the engines a little more boost and the kick of the prime mover transmitted through Eve’s seat. She saw a mountain range in the distance, sharp cliffs and buttes coming into focus as they closed in. A sinking feeling filled her.“That’s our destination, isn’t it?" '