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HP T5520 DOS project [FINISHED]

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Recently, I have finished my project concerning HP ThinClient 5520 terminal.


I wanted to make it a computer mainly for playing Noctis IV, but also some old DOS games, running old, but great DOS software, programming, playing MUDs, using telnet to connect to BBS Boards, playing roguelikes, text adventures, etc. 


I have succeeded! 🙂


You may ask why ThinClient and not other options. I hereby answer: power consumption 🙂 ThinClient even with my LCD monitor consume less electricity than my laptop. Another thing is that using it, having DOS as only system gives nice feeling 🙂 My childhood years were also in DOS times, so I have some nice memories of using this system and software related to it too. Using my dad's old books about configuring memory and DOS etc is also fun and gives impression about how much things have changed in IT since all this years.


Another nice thing of using ThinClient is that is has passive cooling system 🙂


Here is my topic on Noctis IV forum about this project with more information about technical specs, my autoexec.bat and config.sys files etc.: