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Be part of the creation of Spacemasters

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Spacemasters is a unique gamne in that it uses hand drawn 2d art.


In an age littered with 3d games, this is a refreshing return to the old school.


Why 2d art? This allows us tyo put in way more ships! Also, if you play this game five years from now, it won't feel dated because of outdated 3d graphics.


The game's graphics are as good as the artists who draw the ships.


Which is where the community comes in.


Darkstar will accept any and all submissions of 2d hand drawn, or computer drawn ships, provided, that certain requirements are met.



Post your applications and interest here. Because of our unique gamne engine, anyone who posts their ship is likely to see it in the game. Have your name in game credits, be part of an exciting new game genre.