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Before getting started posting things here, is this a closed development or completely open? 


When I say closed I mean how is information posted here about game development compartmentalized from information to the general public or different layers of development support?


who is moderating? I assume Jung


What kind of sign in criteria do we have? I just got in with no credentials other than knowing the website. 


Where is coding and development being consolidated? No idea on this


Is this post I am making now open to the public? Let me know the plan on this so that I can input appropriately going forward. 





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Hi everyone..


Those are some serious questions being asked here.  I'll try and answer to the best of my ability.


So far this forum has been used as an open development platform. There aren't any code asseys on this forum however, so there's little worry about people stealing the game code.


The moderator on this forum is Lee Jackson.


The forum is the centralized location for all general discussion. However, in order to access the game files, art, and documents, we are utilizing google drive. I have already emailed all the team members the link to access the drive.



As for knowing what to post here, just use your best judgment.


It looks like Tuesday Evening is set for the next developer/board meeting. Give me a call or email if that doesn't work for you