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Freelancer + Stardew Valley = Precursor Universe

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Remember the feelings that games like Freelancer gave you and your imagination about being able to walk in your own ship and planets as well as explore LIVING space, you can do it all in Precursor Universe.

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Greetings @GoldSpark, nice to have you aboard.

I remember Freelancer quite fondly, though it had limitations, it was also a classic when it came to sims. The background story was plausible, heck the entire game was. 

Stardew Valley on the other hand was a title I passed on. Don't get me wrong, I love RPGs, especially isometric, party based games...but when reading the information on SV I just wasn't interested.

That said I can see where a sim and RPG aren't that far off from one another, and think the marriage of the two genres is a nice fit. 

Now please forgive me, but I'm going to be honest with you, do not take this personally, it's an observation.

I clicked your link, and what was about to greet me would also form my first impression of the game. That doesn't hold true just for me by the way. 

GoldSpark, are these place-holder graphics? I hope so because in 2023 what you show won't cut it, and that's coming from someone that prefers substance over style, a graphics-whore will absolutely eviscerate the look of this game. 

Obviously there's a lot more here than just the look, and I'll see about siting down with and seeing what you have cooked up, it is after all a tremendous deal of work and walls of code to get something like this up and running, much respect for you on that.


Is your game name final? 

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