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WIP: Faction equipment - weapons, modules and ships

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In a previous post we haven't mentioned one important fact about faction equipment and ships: although they depend on different resources, they are connected in a certain way. All ships and equipment designed so that the first income level of each resource, for example, allows you to assemble a certain ship build - Blazing Fist modification with Stingray laser and Scouting drone module. In other words, each faction ship modification constructed to easiliy fit modules and weapons you get for the same income levels of other resources. We hope that this system is going to motivate you to maintain the same income level of each resource and look for new territories you can conquer.

Now let's come back to our faction equipment lists:

**Deprived weapon**

* Lvl.1 "Storm Rocket Launcher", Kinetic, size 1x2 - weapon, designed to hit small and maneuverable targets. Launches several rockets at a time, has average firing rate, good burst damage but lower DPS (damage per second).
* Lvl.2 "Reconstruction Beam", Energy, size 2x2 - equipment for remote (up to 6000m) repair services. Uses laser ray focus to connect damaged coating elements, delivers subatomic gel to the damaged.
* Lvl.3 "Eradicate Cannon", Kinetic, size 4x2 - battery, which shoots with exploding shells and permanently damages target ships so they can never be fully repaired. Shoots with several projectiles, just like a usual shotgun. Lowers maximum ship armor.
* Lvl.4 "Plasma Dissolver", Energy, size 2x4 - Heavy Plasma Cannon modification with increased range.
* Lvl.5 "Valkyrie", Kinetic, size 3x3 - rocket tower, which guides rocket flight and immediately launches another rocket once it hits target ship. It means that at closer distances it has higher firing rate.
Here are all new weapons for Vanguard, Eclipse and Deprived:

**Faction special modules**

* "Scouting Drone" - Vanguard, lvl.1, activatable - Drone scout. Moves in a straight line and reveals everything on its way.
* "Omicron Generator" - Deprived, lvl.1, activatable - Creates a special area which deals damage to enemies and heals friendly ships for the same amount. Has limited duration.
* "Force Weapon Reload" - Eclipse lvl.3, activatable - Forced reload. As a matter of urgency, makes all weapons ready to fire. Deals damage to ship structure on activation.
* "Selfstasis module" - Deprived, lvl.3, activatable - Module, which puts an initial ship into special stasis for a limited amount of time: it drastically increases recovery rate for structure, armor and shields.
* "Sabotage Squad" - Vanguard, lvl.4, activatable - Boarding module which has a sabotage squad instead of usual troopers. Turns off ship functional systems (modules).

_"Sabotage Squad" module_

**Vanguard ships**

* Lvl.1 - battlecruiser "Blazing Fist", Curtana modification
* Lvl.2 - battlecruiser "Iron Guard", Tarnhelm modification
* Lvl.3 - battleship "Esprit de corps", Tizona modification
* Lvl.4 - battleship "Spirit of Rage", Ichaival modification
* Lvl.5 - dreadnought "God of War", Mjolnir modification

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These models are looking great