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Evochron Legacy Limited Release...

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Very important Announcement for Evochron Mercenary Users 😉

Evochron Legacy Limited Release...



There has been interest in the community for access to the new game as soon as it's available. So for those interested, I've decided to begin a limited launch (beginning 12-28-2015) of the direct download version of the game in advance of the broader public distribution (including Steam). If you would like to purchase the new game before its broader release and are interested in the direct download version of the game, here are the details:


- You'll need to currently own Evochron Mercenary and have the reference ID for your license to that game available.


- A 40% upgrade discount is included in the purchase option for current Evochron Mercenary owners, bringing the price down to around $15.


This thread will be visible as long as there are still early limited release licenses available for purchase. Again, this is for access to the direct download version, not a Steam or other reseller version. If you want the game on a 3rd party account platform/service such as Steam, the game should have its broader release within the next few months and should be available through such resellers at that time. The same discount offer is also planned for the broader release through Steam during its launch week then.


If you would like to take advantage of this limited release offer, please send an e-mail (via > contact) with the reference ID for your license to Evochron Mercenary somewhere in the message body. Purchase options available are ShareIt and PayPal. 





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What with strike through for?

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I really like such offer 😉 or just to help with testing / feedback on the new Evochron ...


but then I would be blamed for more bugs in Arma 3 😉

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Looks like it's pretty close to a general release.