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Death Penalties. What should they be.

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This can probably be a general thread for all MMO's but try to discuss it around space games/space sims.

I know in a lot of multiplayer games and MMO's I have played I have liked various methods of making you pay for your death or mistake. But how to classify death in your ship... well I guess it depends on the way you have died. If you were out ganking newbs for the fun of it then penalty should be a bit harsher than for the poor newb you killed.

I have liked the insurance aspect of things for helping reduce the overall cost of ship repairs and possible lost cargo. I don't believe in perma-death at all because it would take away from the fun of any game. The price of your insurance should reflect your in-game actions so if you generally don't PvP and die from the occasional mob then your costs should be affordable. But if you go out looking for trouble and you die frequently because of PvP then your repair costs should be higher.

But in my opinion PvP should be lucrative for the player. If I fly up on you and destroy your ship I should be able to salvage some good parts and maybe whole working systems. Insurance should cover the persons losses for the most part and now it was worth risking my neck least for now or get killed going to port to cash in 🙂

You never want to discourage PvP, but I do believe in PvP drops. That is what the insurance is for to protect the person that lost something. And if your not good enough or your ship is lacking don't go to dangerous space that is that.

What are other peoples thoughts on dying in games and how it should be handled?

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I think EVE Online gets it perfect.

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Hendar23 wrote:
I think EVE Online gets it perfect.

Although some people - correction: carebears - forget that EVE is one of the most hostile environment there is and scream in outrage when they get ganked, say while mining in Low-sec/0.0 systems. And to me that's the beauty of EVE: you have to be on your toes AT ALL TIMES!