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FFE Mod / Hack question

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for sure I''m a fan of David Braben's Elite series, having mainly played Frontier II in the past. I now want to give FFE3D and GLFFE (Nic's Mod 1.4) a try.

My question is for Mod Experts and Connoisseurs of FFE:

I wonder if it's possible to mod / hack the Orbit View in FFE to be exactly like in Frontier 2, that is: with a dot showing your position in space.

With the tons of Mods for the game, maybe this has already be done. i would be very pleased to get such a one !!


Thanks 😎


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TBH Xenons I don't think any mods were ever done for FFE3D, I think it was mostly just graphics as in new ships ect.


I think the reason the game was abandoned was that they could not change the code in the original game in any meaningful way.