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MOD: Star Trek Enhanced Space Combat

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Hey all the Nexus lovers.

Here is a great mod by firewarrior1705 for Nexus: The Jupiter Incident. It will be an ongoing project and there has already been significant work done to the mod already. From the ship models to the music soundtrack, it just sets you up for playing hours in the Star Trek universe.

You can download the mod from SpaceSimCentral here: Star Trek Enhanced Space Combat v1.2

or download from MODDB here: ... /downloads

Here is the mod notes from MODDB:


This mod is a total conversion based upon the Star Trek universe for the tactical fleet simulator game Nexus - The Jupiter Incident. There are 10 playable races(Federation, Klingons, Romulans, Borg, Cardassians, Dominion, Breen, Species 8472, Sona and Ferengi) each with their own ships and weapons. This is a long term project.

Current Version: 1.2


Mod designed by Firewarrior1705

Maps by Darkthunder & Darkshimmer

Models and textures by DarkDrone, Darkthunder, Darkshimmer, Zorg, Major A Payne and Phatboygeo

Weapons, systems, ships and effects coding by Firewarrior1705

Music by Ignus

Sound and graphic effects by Firewarrior1705

Missions by Firewarrior1705

Special thanks to:

- Darkshimmer (for allowing me to use his Age of War as a staging ground in developing this mod)

- The Old Dragon (for having helped me so much with this mod)

- DreamorCZ and his Stargate team (for having answered so much of my modding questions)

- Arpaso (for making the Nexus skirmisher)

- Phatboygeo and Major A Payne (for their models)


- you are allowed to make custom missions and improove the AI(I'm not much of an AI coder and if you'd like to help making a better and harder AI pls tell me)

- for all the others you'll need my permission

If any of you have models of star trek ships that you'd like to see in the mod, pls pm or email me and I'll see if I can get them into the mod.


- you can contact me via pm or email at

Don't forget to report all the bugs you find!

All the best and enjoy the mod!

Checkout this video while glancing at the ship list of the mod in action:

Check out all the ships that are in the mod 😯


United Federation of Planets:

- Sabre

- Nova

- Steamrunner

- Intrepid

- Akira

- Defiant

- Nebula

- Galaxy

- Prometheus

- Sovereign

- Orbital Starbase

- DS9

Klingon Empire:

- Brel

- Ktinga

- Kvort

- Feklhr

- Nethak

- Vorcha

- Kvek

- Voodieh

- Neghvar

- Klingon starbase from Armada 2

Romulan Star Empire:

- Shrike

- Griffin

- Raptor

- Nierrh

- Shadow

- Venator

- D'deridex

- Norexan

- Scimitar

- Romulan Scimitar

- Romulan Starbase

Cardassian Union

- Hideki

- Galor

- Keldon

- Bakrus

- Veracidor

- Hutet

- Cardassian Starbase form Armada 2


- Attack ship

- Battlecruiser

- Battleship

Breen Confederacy:

- Breen Cruiser

- Breen Battleship

Sona Directorate:

- Destroyer

- Battleship

Borg Colective:

- Probe

- Tactical Tetra

- Tactical Pyramid

- Sphere

- Assimilator

- Diamond

- Cube

- Tactical Cube

Ferengi Alliance:

- Marauder

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Up to version 1.3 now:

Change log:

- new balance system. Ships now have weaker hulls but much stronger shields. The hull is now 10% of

the total shield value

- reduced beam and pulse weapons hull damage by 50%

- increased torpedo reload time from 2 to 5 seconds

- fixed a bug that could make ships with cloaking devices controlled by the AI to cloak and not engage the enemy

- fixed a bug that made your ship's subsystems invulnerable to enemy fire

- better power management system(cloaking devices no longer drain that much power)

- more cannon physics for all ships

- added a new background music for choosing when making missions

- added 5 new missions

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Thanks for the update Stardreamer, this is a good mod suggest everyone to give it a try.

Here is the link to the updated v1.3: ... s/stesc-13

I will upload the latest version when I get some free time. It's about 238MB 🙂

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Just One word


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I have yet to try v1.4 of this mod. I have only played around with 1.0 so eventually I will get around to loading this one up.

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Yes very nice mod 😎 , but I only have one niggle with it. Star Trek ships are supposed to rely on their warp engines for manoeuvring and not thrusters. I think they should up the manoeuvrability of the ships. Just a minor niggle though!

Another mod (to my mind at least) more in keeping with the Nexus engine is Babylon 5: Conflicts Of Loyalty 2. This mod has recently begin creation after the original Conflicts Of Loyalty mod fizzled out. Here is a teaser vid of the original mod to see what might have been

And for more info on version 2, have a look here on Mod DB, ... -loyalty-2