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of Terrain in the Void and Status Effects

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There's a new post up over on the blog discussing status effects and just how exactly we intend to form the maps in Shallow Space. Obviously we all know space is an unforgiving void but it makes for a very boring play area if we leave it as such, so we'll need to create areas for the Players and AI to hide and take advantage of.

But how will these areas affect the ships and combat? How can we shape the void into a meaningful area of operations? Find out in the latest article 'of Terrain in the Void and Status Effects...'


An extract from the latest post:

"To further complicate the mechanic different classes of ship will be affected differently by terrain. So a wing of Corvettes might traverse the expanse of a dense asteroid cluster far quicker than a Flotilla lead by a capital ship which has a severe penalty to movement to avoid damage. The player will be able to see the effects of a piece of terrain by hovering over the the representing icon in the macromap after they have scanned it."


Also, work has been progressing on the Ship Configuration screen. It's exciting to be able to expose more of those variables we've been relentlessly preening in the background and we're further excited by the fact that this forms another solid section of the spine of the game (and it's great fun slapping modules on those hulls!)

Head over to the gallery to check out the latest imagery.

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Nice, I know I mentioned this a while back and nice to see you implimented something into Shallow Space. A lot of those older RTS style games like Conquest: Frontier Wars and Star Trek: Armanda used effects on ships passing through certain 'terrain' so its great that you are adding something because this adds even more strategy points to the game when playing for the attacker and defender.