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I use app personally on a daily basis and its great and takes the stress out of learning crypto and the crypto debit cards are great, ask me anything on this. I will probably make a thread discussing crypto soon. REFERRAL CODE = p5mu64hcq4

The perk delivery and name collection system is now active!

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The perk delivery and ship/officer name collection system is now active!

If you’ve already preordered check your e-mail for an automated message from backers AT shallow DOT space which will contain a username and password for logging into the website.

All ranks have received some bonus stuff right to their portal so do check your e-mail not to mention that we really need those names! So be sure to login and submit them.


Captains be sure sure to upload those photos via the instructions in that e-mail. In case you've forgotten a hand drawn sketch of a face of your choosing is going to feature in-game!

For more information, see the latest blog post.