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UPDATE 7.2, new ships and a special message!

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Hey there, it’s been a while! Here’s the latest from the Shallow Space team.

Two new ships complete with 3D turntable and descriptions for your perusal Commander.

The Battlecruiser, the MFC ‘Blackbird’ comes with devastating on-board missile launchers and you can choose the ammunition to take into the battlefield. The catch is that to use these guys strategically requires a little bit of skill, with salvo sizes, missile types and ranges all adding to the scope of decisions you'll need to make as a Battlegroup Commander in the field.

Read up more on the Blackbird, the missiles mechanic and view a 3D turntable of the new model over on the blog!


Check-out the latest Capital ship complete with turntable and description over on the blog!

"Another classic MFC design that is still in use during today’s operations. The ‘Vindicator’ is designed for long range tactical engagements with static targets such as stations and platforms, it is also equally suitable for indirect fire missions against larger vessels and light conventional combat."


UPDATE 7 arrived during the festive period along with two incremental patches (taking it to UPDATE 7.2) adding additional functionality and take a look at the special year end summary of the project in the post ‘Looking back, moving forwards; it’s a New Year!’


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Looking great!