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The PLC 'Homan' and UPDATE 6!

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New to Shallow Space in the last couple of weeks:

The last remaining PLC Pegasus series ship is born; the ‘Homan’ which has an extra special surprise, a spinal mounted XL fixed weapon!

“It distinguishes itself from the standard Cruiser by including capacity for a special weapon. With the MFC now creating similar special ships and INC furnishing the Armstrong range with such modules, the term ‘Battlecruiser’ has been adopted to describe Cruiser sized ships able to enact a far more destructive force than their ineligible peers.”

Take a look at the 3D turntable and read up more on the history of the Homan (and the Battlecruiser class in general) over on the blog!


Another packed update is now live on Steam, UPDATE 6 brings 70+ additions, fixes and tweaks including the Homan, the MFC mid-battleship the ‘Nottingham,’ the addition of shield modules with even more customization options and a new Combat Simulator mode for testing your ship designs against mirrored forces on a special map.

“In this update we continue to focus on refining the strategic experience, work on the reported issues, inject new ships and modules and put in the scaffolding for the new ‘Combat Simulator’ which will allow you to test your ship designs. We’ve also added two new ships and the ability activated XL weapons, a total of 70+ additions.”

Read on in the update ‘all hail UPDATE 6’ over on Steam.


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What great attention to detail on these models and giving the player the ability to mark and paint their ships(fleet) nice touch, looking good MawhrinSkel.