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Double Damage Pitched EA on a Star Wars game

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Look like it would been a lot of fun, maybe some one will make a mod for Rebel Galaxy 2 one day.

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Solid pitch demo, space combat looked fluid and fun. Sometimes it sucks all this trademark and licensing... prevents some great games and mods from ever seeing daylight in the end...

Mod support is huge selling factor for me, just because sometimes the game sits in my steam account for years before I touch it... so its nice to see enhancements and possible content being added to a game to improve it even more.

I like the Star Wars universe a lot and its a shame sometimes game companies are so afraid to make a game. EA is so worried about making MP only style games and have almost abandoned making any SP only games. But the top selling games out there are usually SP games or SP games with MP added in.

If you make a good game and the especially a proven IP like Star Wars, the game will sell, just make it good and listen to the fans and they will buy it 🙂