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Space Combat Game Soars to Life

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Hi - this is Melissa, VP of Escape Hatch Entertainment, the company developing the new space combat game Starlight Inception.

Starlight Inception is a realistic 1st person / 3rd person free-roaming space combat experience. It has a unique blend of action with an involving storyline. Features include ship based combat both in space and on planets and moons, interplanetary exploration, and multiplayer dogfighting. The economy is based on accomplishing mission goals and is measured in command points (or prestige). The more command points you accumulate, the more currency you have to trade for better fighters, better weapons, more equipment and other items. The game isn't all about combat though - you also have the ability to salvage, rescue individuals and take them aboard, and engage in other non-combat objectives while blowing things up in space and over planets.

We are happy to be here on the forums and would love to answer any questions or gather feedback for the team.

Thanks again!

Melissa ... nceptiontm

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Looks good, backed 60 plus option with the pdf and beta access,tho i dont want the t shirt even tho it looks good.So if i dont pay shipping i still get the other stuff?

Love the idea of kickstarter it gives a chance to resurrect the space game genre alittle and i will back games with as much money as i can afford until its mainstream again ( Might take a while lol)

Look forward to beta 😀