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A modding Quandary

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Here is an example of what we modders sometimes run into. The attached pic shows clone wars ships. The one in the back ground is the malevolence ship model that I originally made for my Clone Wars. The one in the foreground is ported from the Star Wars Empire at War game from a mod called Republic at war. THis mod was not released when I made my own Malevolence model. As you can see, the one from RAW is nicer than mine, so it will become the new model for the Malevolence (after I get permission from the owner to release it in a mod of course). The problem is what to do with the one I made which I really like even though it isn't as nice as the one I'm "borrowing." I'm thinking I will make it a seperate ship class.

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It could be made into an 'alpha' model prototype ship. Something along the lines of Darth Vader's Tie Advanced x1.